Before Online Dating try Fishing Where You Sweat

Of all ways people are meeting these days, from the many social media outlets and the ubiquitous dating sites for men and women, meeting people in person seems to be a lost art. There no longer are bars where singles consistently go out solo with the intentions of meeting someone. Both men and women still seem to be hunting in packs. And all exploratory data still points to work, school, and supermarkets as the best place to meet potential dating partners.  All good options but there is another option that might appeal to you if you are a fitness person, and that is meeting someone at the gym or workout place you frequent.

Now there are differences to this approach from the bar situation such as most people at a gym are not expecting to be hit-on or have cheesy pickup lines thrown at them.  But if there is someone that you have an interest in the gym might be a good place to fan the flames of relationship.  (Just keep in mind if it goes badly you might need to find another place to workout). But bonding over a love of working out or training might be more appealing to some people than bonding over a love of drinking.   Now, one needs to be tactful and respectful when approaching someone at a gym.

First do a little light recon, see if there is a ring on the marriage finger.  And check to see if they arrive with or meet someone when they come to workout.  If the coast seems clear as far as you can tell then start by saying “hello” and see if they are even interested in meet someone new.  If the response is friendly then progress to some light, casual conversation.  If this goes well then maybe invite them to have coffee or a smoothie somewhere nearby.  Then if this all works then you may be on the road to something with potential (Note:  don’t be aggressive or overbearing this could turn someone off from the start )

If it doesn’t progress no problem, nothing ventured nothing gained.  And if this happens just keep working out because big picture people tend to be more attracted to someone that is in good shape.

Good Luck

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