Class Pass – A Great Idea Whose Time Has Come

Let’s face it, we all want to look better, eat better, get in better shape but the obstacle of our everyday life gets in the way. Even if you have equipment at your house it’s not always easy to complete a workout because of the distractions at home. If you have a gym membership or have a fitness studio near you that you like to attend, their schedule doesn’t always coincide with yours and when you can finally commit, it seems like the class is always full and no one wants to get mentally and physically ready to work out, go to a studio, and not be sure if you going to be able to participate. So when I found out about the Class Pass app, I knew it was going to be successful.

In short, what Class Pass allows you to do is reserve a spot in your favorite class, i.e.; yoga, flywheel, spin, cross fit, etc. The cost include your entry to the class plus the app surcharge. For those of us that don’t have the time to research online, find a studio, and check a class schedule it’s an valuable tool as it’s a big enough challenge in itself to find a workout that you like let alone stick to it, and when you can’t find a facility or a time that works for you, it can be impossible to get the results you want.

Perhaps the most productive workout routine I have ever done has been swimming. Nothing I have ever done has produced the complete body results that swimming has. Unfortunately, I do not have an Olympic size pool at my house so I have to go to either a gym, college, or community pool to complete my workout and it is tough to do consistently. Moreover, the thing I hate the most is having to share a lane with someone who doesn’t swim at the same pace or is going the opposite way when I’m trying to do my fly stroke. In a perfect world if I could reserve a lane for specific 45 minute time of day I would schedule my entire day around that and never worry about getting my gym work in again.

It allows you access to tens of studios near you even when you’re away on business and includes 3 classes for $40 per month, 5 for $60, and 10 for $115. It also allows you to stream over a 100 workout videos if you are working from home. The total package is well put together and fits the lifestyle of the 40+ hours week grinder, busy executive, or parent. So for those of us that refuse to let a busy schedule prevent us from taking care of the most important thing, our health, this a useful tool whose time has come.

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