Take A Hike – Outdoor Travel Companies

More and more people are looking for different and unique experiences while on vacation. So much is now offered from skydiving vacations to scuba-diving excursions. Why not do a little hiking, or a lot, while on your time off. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert. If you’re in great physical shape or not so great shape. There is a vacation package out there for you.Let’s take a look at some of the trips available through a few of the different companies in this area.

REI Adventures – this is a great outdoors company. They offer trips from Africa to Everest. There are trips in US national parks to New Zealand. There are a wide range of destinations and packages tours. You can see fascinating places and visit beautiful locations. Tours range in price from about $1000 to about $8000 depending on location and length of tour. There are discounts if you are a Co-Op member which is only $20 to join.


OARS – is another really good outdoors company. They have been around since 1969. They have destinations trips from Machu Picchu in Peru to Rogue River in Oregon. All inclusive tours range from half day trips as low as $119 to seven-day hiking trips for $2890. Fun, challenging, and affordable.


MACS Adventure – is a good outdoor company to look into. They have a great selection of tours and locations Scotland, Wales, Bulgaria, Nepal just to name a few. Like all the companies price varies depending on the package you select. But many of their packages are under a $1000 and some just over a $1000. This makes many very affordable and exciting trips to take.


So, do a little research and find a company and tour that works for you. Then take a fun adventure somewhere exciting and do it “ one step at a time”.


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