Meditation: A little calmness and a little breathing can go a long way

Meditation has been around for a very long time.  People have been doing meditation for a very long time.  People do all different kinds of meditation.  Everything from the simple to complex rituals and techniques.

The benefits of meditation, a seemingly intangible practice, are very tangible.  Some of the benefits people experience are calmness, bringing done their level of stress, helping to control blood pressure, lessen levels of anxiety, to strengthening brain function.

In this busy, hectic, and chaotic world most of us live in and deal with on a daily basis taking a few minutes a day to do a little meditation can be a real good practice.  As my grandmother would say “It can’t hurt”.

Now you can approach meditation from many different directions again from the simple to the more entailed.  I am a firm believer that, especially when just starting out in a new activity, the simpler the better when beginning a new practice or habit.

So, here is a simple starter way to approach meditation for the first time.  Find a quiet place to sit either inside or outside.  The quieter the better because the idea is to quiet your mind for the practice.   Then sit in a comfortable and supportive chair.  You can sit on the ground if you want to but if that is not doable for you than a chair is fine.  Close your eyes and try to just concentrate on your breathing.  That means try to listen to your breath, hear yourself breath in and breath out.  Breath in a natural and relaxed manner, no special breathing is necessary.  Try to let your mind relax which can be a challenge at first but as you do this more and more it does get easier.  And do this breathing and relaxing for no more than 5 mins at first.  After a while and time permitting you can increase the sessions for 10 to 20 mins.

This simple practice will show different benefits if you can stick with it.  At first it may be hard to tell a difference but after a relatively short period of time you should notice being a little calmer and maybe more focused.  And with time other benefits will develop.  So, give it a try “It can’t hurt”

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