Seaweed – Real health from under the sea

We all know what Seaweed is and by now most of us have eaten it at some point in our lives. Odds are it has come in the form of sushi which 90% of the seaweed in the US is consumed. However it’s a travesty that most of seaweed consumers only know it as a means to hold my rice and spicy tuna together so we wanted to point out all of the health benefits of seaweed which have been around much longer than your local sushi restaurant.

Seaweed is on the world’s first superfoods. For years certain cultures have been using and consuming seaweed for all kinds of health benefits. Adding some seaweed to your diet can help lower blood pressure and promote heart health. This sea plant has calcium, copper, iodine, magnesium, and iron. As well as being rich in protein and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Seaweed is also high in glutamate and amino acids which are both needed for healthy brain function.

There are four basic types of seaweed: Green algae, Brown algae, Red algae, and Blue-green algae better known as spirulina. Spirulina is commonly taken in pill form or as a powder to be mixed in different kinds of drinks. Spirulina is a good after workout recovery supplement because of the protein element and the omega-3 element in it.

Another benefit of seaweed is it protects against oxidation stresses and inflammation which help prevent diseases like cancers, arthritis, and digestive problems. The iodine in seaweed helps regulate a normal thyroid. Kumbu seaweed has properties that fights diabetes.

You can eat seaweed in many ways.   It can be eaten straight or in things like sushi, soups, salads, and there are even seaweed snacks. You can get these snacks usually in the potato chip isle in the market or the Asian food section.

To much seaweed can have some negative effects so don’t go on an all seaweed diet but adding some seaweed to your diet is a very good thing.

What you will find is that the cultures that have real good longevity usually have seaweed as a common part of their diet. So maybe adding some plants from the sea as well as plants from land can make a healthier you.

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