Some smart choice to make a better after Thanksgiving

The basis of the Thanksgiving meal are not bad.  Turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, beans are not unhealthy things to eat.  The trouble comes when we do stuff to them.  We add a lot of sugars, creams, and fats.  Now these additions might taste good in the immediate but have negative affects in the longs run.

So here are a few ideas to be thankful for your Thanksgiving dinner and happy about yourself the next day.  First, do a gravy that is not cream-based or if possible skip the gravy all together.  The moister you can make the turkey the easier it is to skip the gravy.

Next, make a natural cranberry sauce.  It will taste better and the canned stuff and you can limit the amount of sugar used.  Substitute orange juice for sweetener.

Use small marshmellows or simply avoid them all together when you  are making the sweet potatoes.  Maybe substitute something crunchy to satisfy the mouth appeal and is much healthier for the body.

For those green beans maybe try a good Italian salad dressing or olive oil and garlic.

And maybe add a big fruit salad to the end of the meal so your body gets something sweet that is actually good for it.

These are just a few ideas for adjusting your Thanksgiving dinner so you’re not sorry the next day.  If you make a few adjustments you can truly have a meal to be thankful for.

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