Sunglasses for fitness, form verses function

Most of us like to look good when doing fitness activities, it’s part of the motivation to improve. It also is often a catalyst to what we choose to wear when working out or sway our decision when choosing what fitness gear to purchase. From experience I know it plays a part in what kicks are chosen long before someone steps on the court. We recently did a feature story on the fitness watch craze and the enormous competition to gain market share in the space. However sometimes you simply can not substitute style for functionality, and one of those areas is when choosing your outdoor workout sunglasses. So we reviewed some of the leaders in eyewear designed for working out and not just looking good to help you with your choice.

Figuring the activity is more than likely something outdoors, such as cycling, jogging, rowing, hiking, etc., durability is an important criterion.  The last thing you want is a pair of good-looking glasses that break the first time they fall off. Or more annoying is a pair that will not stay in one place when you are moving, as anyone who takes running seriously, having to continually adjust your specs can make your run too cumbersome. Could you imagine a major-leaguer chasing a deep drive and having his shades fall off? Like we said, functionality over esthetics but here are some that might provide a bit of both.

There are many brands available for fitness glasses some of the ones we like are Oakley and Rx Sports glasses.   Oakley makes excellent sports glasses for different fitness activities but they can be a bit pricy ($ 84.98 to $268.00).  If money is not a big consideration than Oakley makes a durable and fashionable pair of glasses.

If you don’t want to spend as much but you want a very good quality fitness glasses product you might try Rx Sports.  You can find all types of glasses for many different sports and activities.  Rx makes a durable and affordable product ($39.00 to $99.00 range)

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