Supplements and Vitamins – Check Before You Take 2 in the Morning

Supplements can be a good, sometimes vital, part of a nutritional program. They can help with everything from energy to joint issues.  But with all the information out there how do you know what would be good for you, what you might need,  and what is unnecessary.

One way to know is having a doctor do a blood analysis.  They take some of your blood, they analyze it ,and then they let you know where you have deficiencies.  Obviously this kind of testing is not for everyone.  The good thing is that there is a lot of good information out there about supplements for anyone interested.  But it can be a little overwhelming and confusing.  So we will be breaking the topic up into manageable pieces to help make your choices a little easier.

Today we will cover general health, one of many different reasons to be taking supplements.  There are a number of different supplements that are good for general health today we will talk about Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and CoQ10.

Fish oil, which you can also get through eating fatty fish like salmon, is a good anti inflammatory.  Anti inflammatory products are good for the heart, the joints, the skin, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and certain kinds of cancer.  Fish oil has even been found to help in weight loss.  So find a good brand online or at your local vitamin store and try adding this to your diet.

Vitamin D, which is normally obtained through sunlight exposure and through small amounts in certain foods. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption so it is especially important to women.  D also reduces inflammation so it helps fight off many of the same conditions as fish oil.  In addition it helps support the immune system and  helps modulate the growth of cells.  But do to the fact that we only get small amounts in food many people are deficient in vitamin D as noted by the Institute of Medicine.  Recommend amount for adults 600IU.

CoQ10, is another anti inflammatory substance.  It helps to protect the heart and it protects the blood from the effects of free radical damage.  The body does produce some CoQ10 on it’s own but that amount gets smaller as we get older, when we need it’s protective qualities the most.   CoQ10 also is known to help improve physical performance.  So if you have an active life style it’s probably a good idea to put it into the rotation.

Just a few supplement ideas.  Over time we will try to cover as many supplements, vitamins, and herb formulas as we can.  So stay tuned.

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