Take a “Me Time” Sports Vacation

There are many great activity-based sports vacations you can take these days.  Some of these are real high energy and fast paced trips that keep you moving and going the whole time.

But if you are maybe wanting something with a little less outward excitement and maybe a little more looking inward then a yoga-meditation retreat might be just what the doctor ordered.  You can take some time to recharge the batteries with an introspective weekend or week of yoga and calming meditation.  But by no means are these retreats not physically challenging.  A couple of hours of yoga will give your body a great workout.  And you also get the added benefit of doing a little personal introspection work which most of us can use.

There are many, many different programs offered around the country and around the world.  So, let’s look at some here in the US starting with “Loving Wellness” in Monterey, California.  Providing great accommodations are part of Loving Wellness’s retreat packages.  They offer workshops on meditation, health, primordial sound meditation, and seven spiritual laws of success.  Enjoy practicing yoga and meditating by the sea what could be better to recharge.  Contact them for pricing (727) 249-0257.


Now something in the middle of the country Camp Yoga in Colorado.  They host a series of activities which include yoga and meditation.  Spend time in the snow while you work on improving your body and a little inner peace.  They also offer such outdoor-snow activities as horseback riding and dog sledding.  What a fun way to relax and recharge.  Prices start at about $420 and go to $524 depending on if you do a private room or you share accommodations.


And finally let’s jump to the opposite coast Heartwood Retreat Center in Bradenton, Fl.  Enjoy the tranquil center designed to promote the growth and development of the individual.  Surrounded by beautiful flowers as well as a chakra garden there is no better environment to work on one’s self.  They offer individual classes as well as longer retreats and their prices are more than reasonable. Check out their website for pricing.

These are just a few of many companies available that offer retreats.  So, do a little research and you are sure to find a great trip to get away and recharge your batteries.

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