The Hologram Bracelet – Fact or Fiction

One of the recent fads that we have seen grow tremendously over the past few years are the power bracelets, balance bracelets, or the product name of Hologram Bracelet. They came to fame via the endorsement of the professional athlete and then gained momentum in the sports markets with demonstration in malls and sporting good stores across the country. We wanted to see if they really worked as part of our mission statement is to test new products, supplements, sports apparel, and equipment to provide our readers with an unbiased review to hopefully save you time, effort, money, or all of them and help you make an educated decision with your choices. So, we put the Hologram Bracelet to the test.

I had seen the commercials, mainly the still shots of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and some MLB players wearing them, then I would see them around the gym but they appeared to just a piece of rubber with the picture of a rainbow in the center. I wondered, what service the bracelet was providing? So, I started researching. The story is that the bracelets’ holograms contain frequencies that “react positively with the body’s natural energy field to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. Another brand talks up their dissolved titanium, which may or may not reduce both pain and fatigue, improve your strength, and aid “bioelectrical flow” (helping transport oxygen throughout the body). Now these types of items, Jewelry that allegedly manipulates frequencies within the body have been around for decades. You may have seen ‘parlor trick’ type demonstrations in your local mall where the bracelets appeared to increase your strength. Those went away when the secret was out that the trick was all in the way the presenter held your elbow, making it closer to your gravity point.

Then there was the practical test where they asked athletes to play with a hologram bracelet for a duration of time and then with just a rubber or ‘placebo’ bracelet if you will. In one instance someone claimed that he used to get headaches when his cardio workouts surpassed 3-hours. However, once he started using the hologram bracelet they subsided. Another believed he had better control of his pitches. Keep in that the energy bracelets allegedly contain a hologram embedded with frequencies that react positively with your body’s energy field to improve your balance, strength, flexibility, energy, and sports performance; and they also offer all sorts of other benefits. The issue there is the bands alone can not have a frequency, as they are stationary objects, like a rock. They don’t have batteries or computer chips to create their own frequency to interact with your body’s natural energy. Lastly, it should be noted that the biggest producer of hologram bracelets, Power Balance, settled a 75 million-dollar lawsuit and had to issue a full retraction of its claims and eventually went out of business.

Ya know, I used to play baseball and one of my favorite films of all time was “Bull Durham”. Particularly the scene where Kevin Costner’s character explains to Susan Sarandon’s that “if you believe you’re playing better because you’re wearing women’s under or breathing out of your eyelids, then you are”.  That is the one part of the hologram story that is 100% true. Regardless if the claims of the hologram bracelet producers can ever be proven if you put one on and your headache seems to not come back, you throw a higher percentage of strikes, or more of your tee shots hit the fairway, then strap it on! It’s not like they harmed animals in the course of their research or promised eternal salvation. Did they defraud customers on the scientific aspects of it? Probably, but even if you bought them on that premise and honestly believed it was working, who did it harm? Moreover, you still see them around today so they can’t be all bad, even though many will corollate it to wearing a bill cap that reads “sucker” on it.



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