Weight Loss – Fact and Fiction

Many people struggle with weight loss.  And to add to the struggle can be the confusion around the information out there on the subject.  There is a lot of information on weight loss, some good and some not so good.  How to know what to believe.  And then sometimes information from experts changes such as eggs are bad one day and then good the next.  So who to believe and what is hype to sell a product and what is scientific fact.

Today we will try to dispel some of the common myths and give you some 21st century solutions.

First myth: you need to starve yourself to loss weight.  That’s wrong for a lot of reasons.  Besides being just plain unhealthy starving yourself slows down the metabolism so your body uses the intake of calories less efficiently.  It doesn’t work and it makes you want to eat more and when you do eat your more likely to make poor choices. Now a periodic fasting is shown to have health benefits.  If you choose to do fasting it is best to consult with an expert on the topic so as not to do damage to yourself and get the maximum benefit.

Next myth: eating breakfast is an absolute for weight loss.  Research has soon this to be false.  You should eat when you are hungry and if that is not at breakfast time then don’t.

Last myth: “diets” help you loss weight.  No only is this not the case but studies have shown that most people that go on some kind of “diet” don’t loss much weight and they usually end up gaining more weight in the long run.  So ditch the fade diets!

Now some things that are proven to work in losing weight.  Let’s start with:  Don’t leave the fat out of your nutritional program.  Good fats (olive oil, coconut oil, Omega 3 oil, healthy butters) give your body energy and boost brain activity.  As well, giving your body healthy fats allows your body to release stored fat. Lifting weights is a good way to start your body losing weight.  Muscle is very active tissue and needs to be fed constantly and it feeds off fat.  So this is why they say when you build muscle you’re burning  fat 24 hours a day even when you are sleeping. So the more muscle you can build the better.

Finally, cutting back or removing starches and refined sugars.  Removing sugar will lower your insulin level which will mean less fat storage.  This will help you drop excess weight.  This is beneficial for trimming down as well as help you if you are dealing with diabetes.  And we know that diabetes is an epidemic in this country for adults and now is showing up in kids more than ever.  So for weight loss and just general overall health cut the sugars!

Well that’s all for now, a few tips to help you cut through the clutter of information out there.  Hopefully this will help get the ball rolling in your weight loss journey.  Good luck and stay tuned.

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